WalkaboutsWalk with Our Biggest Puppets.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Want a puppet for your event? Contact us. We'll get you all set up!

Walkabouts: $250 first half hour; $100 each additional half hour

*In addition to the rates listed below, we charge mileage and vehicle rental costs where applicable. Lodging and meal costs will be charged if trip requires an overnight stay.

We rely on volunteers and if you can provide any, we love to work with people in the places that we visit. 

Walkabout Creatures for Rent:

Trash Dragon
This recycled critter was created out of "landfill bound materials" like styrofoam trays and plastic yogurt containers. His presence confronts the question of waste and how materials can be reused to create art. This dragon has danced at many events with an environmental theme. The Trash Dragon requires 4 handlers and some guidance from us.

Green Man
The giant green man is a wonderful one man puppet. He is about 12 ft.tall and is a "backpack" puppet. He is constructed of green sill seal, a construction material. He represents man and his influence. He makes a great parade piece, as well as a wonderful walkabout item, with his funny floppy agility. People love his simplicity and boldness.  Minor instruction is required to operate the Green Man.



Mrs. Liberty
This is the only EAC puppet that has a partner, Mr. Liberty. She is a colorful one person "backpack" puppet about 10' tall. She is a lovely lady with a great love for this world. She and her partner, Mr. Liberty, were created especially for Elkland Art Center's annual Fourth of July parade, The Liberty Parade. Minor instruction is required to operate Mrs. Liberty. Note: She does not tolerate rain.



Mr. Liberty
Mr. Liberty is the partner of Mrs. Liberty and is also about 10' tall. Though they look great together, they can be rented individually. Mr. Liberty is colorful and happy.  He loves children, animals and all people. He is extra polite. Like Mrs. Liberty he was created for Elkland Art Center's Liberty Parade. Minor instruction is required to operate Mr. Liberty. Note: He does not tolerate rain.