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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Earth Puppet

Our biggest puppet

Every year we add a segment or theme to the Liberty Parade. In years past it has been "Coming to Our Senses," "Looking Deeper" and "Immerse Yourself," a celebration of our local river, the New. In 2008, the year 'we came to our senses' we built a structure to represent each of the senses. 

This ended up as beautiful creations that were 8 feet tall. We now place a huge hand, ear, lips, nose and eye along the parade route. In 2009 we built a 3 person parade puppet that we call The River Goddess. 

Last year, our theme was "Looking Deeper." We spent a lot of time considering what minuscule critters live in the river. We researched, created, taught and celebrated what we saw. Out of that discovering, volunteers made parade pieces.

This year we are creating "Earth," our biggest puppet yet (requiring 8-10 people). We are planning to make a creation for each of the elements. We have done Water and Earth and we plan to do Fire and Air.