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Sunday, February 17, 2019


Bringing communities together

EAC offers parades and parade workshops resulting in visually compelling, multi-generational events that bring communities together. 

Please contact us to discuss bringing a parade to YOUR community!

Mini: $450/minivan

Mini: No large puppets (1 staff included, client provides volunteers)

Small: $650/minivan-full with 1-2 large puppets (1 staff included, client provides volunteers)

Medium: $1200/rental cargo van-full with 2-4 large puppets (2 staff included, client provides volunteers)

Large: $1600/10' rental truck-full with 3-6 large puppets (3 staff included, client provides volunteers)

*In addition to the rates listed above, we charge mileage and vehicle rental costs where applicable. Lodging and meal costs will be charged if trip requires an overnight stay.

You can also build your own parade through a workshop or residency.


The Liberty Parade

For the past ten years, Elkland Art Center has hosted The Liberty Parade, an expression of community spirit presented through costumes, props, and giant puppets in Todd, NC on the Fourth of July. The event brings attention to a different theme every year, such as the environment, care and concern for all living things, sound, and freedom from oppression, to name a few. Each theme relates to the current pulse of our American way of life as seen through the lens of local residents. The parade is, and has always been, a free event where anyone and everyone is invited to participate. 

The Liberty Parade takes place on the Fourth of July in Todd, NC. Paraders are invited to meet in Todd at the corner of 194 N and Railroad Grade Road at 10:30am to put on costumes and get into giant puppets.

The parade begins at 11 am and lasts about 45 minutes. Culminating festivities take place in the Walter and Annie Cook Park.

Liberty Parade 2014: SOUND!

Elkland Art Center's mission is to build community while making art; using art as a means to make the world a better place.