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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Elkland Arts Blog

Welcome to our blog. This is here for you to get information or to give it out. We appreciate you and are looking forward to a great new beginning on the web.

Puppet Shows - We Have Them

Want us to perform? Just pick a show.

Contact us to set up a performance today!


$200 additional per show in same location.

Shows are 30-45 minutes.

The following shows are currently in production. 

Jason’s Dream
Jason’s Dream is a show about a young boy’s epiphanous adventure into the depths of the landfill to discover that trash is “stuck! stuck! stuck!” The only way to free the nice trash he meets is to not put it there in the first place. How? Recycle! Reduce! Reuse! Jason comes to an understanding that our stuck habits can be unstuck and that he and audiences everywhere can be a vital part of the solution.
Written by Mary Gray for radio, adapted by Cindy Ball for puppetry

The Runaway
The Runaway, written by Cindy Ball and based on a true story, is about the last run of the Virginia Creeper through a Boomtown (Todd) and a banker's dilemma. His friends, a mouse and a snake, help him "do the right thing." Written by Cindy Ball


The following shows have previously been in production. Like one? Let us know...maybe we can talk the puppets into making an appearance!

Pickle Puppets: Why People Are the Way They Are
Little Gherkin leaves the Pickle family home in search of the answer to the seemingly unanswerable question, “why are people the way they are?” An old oak and lovely linden tree tell him the story of the warm and fuzzies. Maybe he can discover something about why people are the way they are!
Written by Sue Gurnee

The Magnificent and Vital Law of Expressive Creativity
Little Gherkin Pickle learns he can use his imagination to create fear or freedom. The choice is his.
Written by Sue Gurnee
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The Singing Tree
An original puppet play exploring the value of a rare and magical American chestnut tree, which is at-risk of becoming lumber, and the struggle of a young girl to remind her grandfather of the things he values most.
Written by Cindy Ball
Howl at the Moon
A celebration of the life of a beloved storyteller and puppeteer, Jim Wolfe.
Written by Cindy Ball

Barnyard animals decide to have a party. In the process, they learn how to party-ci-pate!
Written by Sue Gurnee

A Puppet Show for You
Buzzard’s brew, a bear pair, Grandfather Mountain, old timey musicians and a mysterious cricket in the thicket…a thoroughly original puppet story about local Todd characters and lore.
Written by Tiffany Arteaga and Cindy Ball

An African Tale
An exploration of women and children living with genocide and the power of forgiveness.
Written by Lexie Danner as told by Grace Uwimfura, a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide

The North Wind tries to frighten the little duck, Shingebiss. The little duck will not be frightened. He sings his little song to drive away the North Wind.
An Ojibwe legend

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