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Jason's Dream
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Welcome to the Elkland Art Center

Andrews May Day Residency and Parade


Everybody loves a parade. One community in Western North Carolina REALLY loves a parade. Inspired by The Liberty Parade, the town of Andrews and Elkland Art Center have been working together to build their own community made parade.

Enjoy this short video of the Andrews Parade and Residency.

Through the HandMade in America Crafting Vibrant Rural Communities program, Elkland Art Center taught Andrews community members to create their own unique Earth Day Parade in 2013. The Town of Andrews has chosen to make this parade an annual tradition by building parade items and expanding community involvement year after year.


This year, through a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council and the Cherokee Arts Council, Elkland Art Center taught parade-making skills at Andrews Elementary School. In a ten-day residency, community members, teachers and twenty five after-school students were steeped in the parade-making and delivery processes.


In a brief planning session, students, teachers, and community members came up with the theme, "Andrews: Whoooo Are We?" The group wanted to explore their town identity and showcase all that they were proud of about their community.

During the residency, students and community members created costumes, a giant owl puppet, banners, fish puppets, a wildcat, the seven clans of the Cherokee, mountains and bees to represent what they love about their community.

The two week residency ended with a May Day Parade complete with a May Pole and a May Pole dance hosted by the Morris Dancers of Brasstown.





Liberty Parade 2014: SOUND!

This year's Liberty Parade was all about SOUND.

Thanks to everyone who came!



Trash n' Fashion 2014

Celebrate trashy fun, creativity, and free expression with Elkland!

Local sponsoring businesses have been paired with Appalachian State University students and community artists to create original fashion from trash.

This year's Trash n' Fashion took place Friday, April 4th at Strand Beads located at 585 West King Street in Boone, NC.

Bands playing were: Lazer Jayne, Talking Box Co., Matt Gandy, and Tyler & Brandon Hoskinson.

Thanks to our Event Sponsor:


Many thanks to the following Fashion Sponsors:

Strand Beads

SOS Printing

Bald Guy Brew King Street

Rivergirl Fishing Co

Appalachian RollerGirls

Ashe Custom Framing & Gallery

Blue Ridge Learning Center

Dr. Mark Murrey

Mellow Mushroom Boone

Soul Moving Threads

Dr. Carrington Pertalion

Audio Video Headquarters

Yosefa Antiqui-Tea

Appalachian Mountain Brewery


Black Cat Burrito

AMO (Art Management Organization)

Espresso News

...and a special thanks to our amazing designers and models:

Jennifer Harley, Alex Parker, Kameron Neal, Sarah Parker, Abby Helton, Siobhan Shane, Peter Nance, Lily Foote, Emily Smith, Becca Vaughan, Holly Kroetsch-Schager, Ren Brady, Casey Jordaan, Tyler, Martha Griffith, Emily Lawrence , Rachel Cali, Ingrid Humphrey, Chloe Martinez, Martha  Enzmann, Teresa Cerda, Deborah Hollingsworth, Emma Kimbrough, Tommy Lee, Lisa Walter, Pamela Torres, Kate Lauly, and Bear Brown



We're on Etsy!

These adorable puppets can be found in a variety of styles on Etsy! Shop until your heart's content and support the arts all at the same time!



"The Land Sustains Us, A Todd Story"


Elkland Art Center will premier it’s documentary film, “The Land Sustains Us, A Todd Story” at 7 p.m., April 12 at the Todd Mercantile and at 7:00 p.m., April 13 at the Ashe County Arts Council. The film is intended to serve as an exploration and community conversation about how the changing landscape (development, infrastructure improvements, loss of environment, etc.) affects the sense of community in the village of Todd, NC.  The filmmaking has involved interviewing a cross-section of people from the community including long-term and short-term residents, developers, government officials and scholars, to obtain their insight into how land use has affected or changed their attitudes in the community.  A discussion with the documentary team will follow the screening.


Video team: Jim and Suzanne (on left)

"The Land Sustains Us, A Todd Story" explores how the changing landscape - development, loss of environment, etc - affects the sense of community in our small village of Todd, NC. The documentary process will involve interviewing a cross-section of people including long-term and short-term residents, developers and government officials, to obtain their insight in how land use affects or changes their attitudes in the community. The intimate scale of Todd allows us to explore this issue in depth. Though Todd is small, the issues are similar to those faced by other communities: extensive, rapid changes in land use and population and the community’s efforts to address those changes. It is the intent of the project to open up dialog in the community to gain perspective on the issues of land use and sustainability.

(above) Emilie and Jim, Suzanne and Martha (below)

The video team includes: Martha Enzmann, project director, artist, local business owner of Elkland Handwerke, Inc. and founder of Elkland Art Center; Suzanne Clouzeau, videographer with Clouzeau Productions; James Lewis, our interviewer, (local long-term resident, writer, photographer, historian and former daily newspaper reporter. James’ family settled in the area in 1840. Unlike many who left for good, James returned to Todd because, as he says, “Todd is still the most interesting place I have ever been.” ) and Emilie Enzmann, local resident (since 2002), business owner (Todd Mercantile and Bakery) and member of the Ashe County Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee.

The documentary has been sponsored in part by a planning grant and a media grant from the North Carolina Humanities Council, a statewide nonprofit and affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Conservation Fund.


Do the Crusher

Dragon Dance

Jason's Dream

Liberty Parade 2011

Trash N Fashion

Mission Statement

Elkland Art Center's mission is to build community while making art; using art as a means to make the world a better place. Our program areas include: (1) community parades either delivered by Elkland or we'll mentor a community to develop their own; (2) puppet shows for schools, festivals, and libraries; (3) workshops on building community while making art; and (4) producing documentary videos on matters that are important to the community. We serve communities in the High Country of Western North Carolina, throughout the state of North Carolina and the Southeastern United States. Elkland Art Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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